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The most unusual wedding in history


Hook was standing there, all nervous and freaking, waiting for his fiance. He looked at all of the people sitting beside him onto their seats. Oh my God, wedding in Snow’s and Charming’s castle while they’re gone was a really bad idea. Even for him. They could do that in Neverland. Of course they could. He even suggested that, but now. Emma wanted to do that here. Sentiments. Yeah, those sentiments are gonna kill him. He couldn’t even imagine what’d happen if her parents would be here. Well, that’d be very interesting. And probably would ended with him hanging on one of the caste’s tower. Not really dreamy idea. He took one more look at the people. He recognized a lot of them, but not everyone. Cricket. Cinderella with her prince. Aurora. Mulan. Belle. Without Rumpelstiltskin, thank God. His crew. Henry of course, but he was standing next to him as a best man. Emma’s bride was that wolf girl. He looked down at himself. Well, he looked really hot in that suit, he couldn’t deny it.

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I was so happy.

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Snow and Charming:

Aurora and Mulan:


The feels.